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Who Needs an EPR Certificate?

If you are wondering who needs an EPR certificate, read this guide for all the essential details.

Know your eligibility requirements and how to obtain them now!

Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach that requires manufacturers and importers to take full responsibility for the management of their product waste. In India, a mandatory EPR Certificate from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) must be obtained in order to protect against debarment, fine or both for improperly managing waste created by products.

Is an EPR certificate mandatory in India?

Manufacturers and importers in India are legally obligated to secure an EPR Certificate if they wish to do business. If these businesses do not comply with this requirement, they can face punishments such as debarment, fines, or both. The Certificate serves as a way to manage e-waste and keep it from accumulating dangerously.

How to Apply for an EPR Certificate:

To acquire an EPR Certificate, you must submit an application form with basic information such as the contact information of the producer, a breakdown of your electric and electronic equipment, estimated e-waste generation from your products, as well as strategies to meet extended producer responsibilities and hazardous substance reduction requirements.

Additionally, additional documents may be requested by the CPCB for verification and review. Upon successful submission of all required documents and other information, an EPR Certificate will be issued by the CPCB.

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An EPR authorization certificate is a vital requirement for any manufacturer or importer of products operating in India. This certificate ensures the safety of consumers encourages sustainable development and reuse of products and lessens wastage. However, the process of obtaining this certificate can be challenging. Our team of EPR consultants has 8+ years of experience to help make this process as effortless and accurate as possible. Get in touch with us today to get started on your EPR authorization certificate without any hassle.


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