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6 surprising facts about plastic waste in Indonesia

  6 surprising facts about plastic waste in Indonesia

The impact of plastic waste in Indonesia> as Indonesia is the state with the world’s most bioethical or significributor to wastage, onesie’s success in controlling waste flowing into the ocean is slowly being an impact system for plastic waste Indonesian products for the time beIndseening. United States of America (USA) Indonesia is facing many challenges including controlling plastic waste and according to research, it has been found that Indonesia is the second largest producer of plastic after China. Considered to be the most significant count.

1 Annual statistics of plastic waste

Research from UNA reveals that Indonesia, with a population of 260 million, contributes 600,000 tons of plastic yearly. UNA estimates 1.30 million tons of plastic waste from Indonesia enters the ocean, including 10 million abandoned plastic bags in cities.

plastic waste around ocean in Indonesia

2 plastic waste control

To control the waste in Indonesia, the President of Indonesia, Mr. (Joko Widodo) said that Plastic waste in Indonesia<b> is affecting our country’s rivers, streams, and seas, and it is also affecting the country’s environment. Mister (Joko Widodo) informed Esco keeping in mind that it has been decided to take action on the plastic waste material in the sea.

Plastic waste collected by a person from ocean in Indonesia | Plastic Credit

3 A Ajay Warrior Trap

Seng Poorna, 48, plastic waste in Indonesia makes a living by going door-to-door collecting waste, earning $0.70, or giving everyone a few tips.  Separates and sells cans, oddities, plastic bottles, etc., making a profit of about US$14, thereby earning a living

4 Corona Pandemic (Covid-19)

This has brought a new impact on  waste in Indonesia</strong>, the most significant change in this covid pandemic is that the amount of waste in landfills has been reduced by a huge amount i.e. about 10-15 percent. This comes as a major change in how people used to order food, with 90 percent of food being packaged in single-use plastic, to reduce the amount of plastic used in households.

5 Ban on plastic bags

Tracking plastic waste in Indonesia<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> With effect from July 1, 2020, in Governor’s Regulation No. 142 of 2019, it was decided to use shopping bags keeping in mind the environment in shopping.

6 countries producing the most plastic in the world

The name of China comes at number 10, which is at the forefront of  waste production, followed by Indonesia and Vietnam at number 11, Thailand at number 12, Malaysia at number 13, and Indonesia at number 8 are being named. 

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1 Ques >people ask too how much plastic waste is in Indonesia.?</b></p>

Many such questions came that how much garbage is there in Indonesia, according to research it is known that about 600000 tons to 650000 tons of garbage are produced annually in Indonesia.

2 Ques >  Which country has the most plastic waste?

According to research, it has been found that the earliest waste is found in China, followed by Indonesia, followed by Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and many other countries.

3 Ques> What Indonesia is doing about plastic pollution?

For the pollution that is happening in Indonesia, Indonesia has taken a very important decision due to the high amount of plastic in our rivers, drains, and oceans, and they are taking a strict step.

 4 Ques> Is Indonesia Plastic Free?

Yes, not at all, Indonesia is not plastic free because it is a country that contributes 600,000 tons of waste annually, but it is believed that by 2025, Indonesia can be plastic-free.</p></p>

<p>5 Ques> Is Indonesia good at recycling?

It is believed that Indonesia produces about 7 million tons of waste annually, out of which about 10% of the waste is recycled, the rest of the waste is either thrown into the river, pond, ocean or is burnt. doesn’t recycle that much.

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