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debate on energy conservations act
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India set to build its own carbon credit market, change building bylaws for energy efficiency

The Indian Parliament recently passed the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 that modifies the 2001 energy conservation act for facilitating energy efficiency. The new amended legislation proposes minimu...

Plastic waste
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About 200 brands register for EPR ahead of Single Use Plastic ban

Ahead of the total ban on Single Use Plastic (SUP) from July 1, about 200-odd brand owners, including several MNCs, and 26 importers of plastic have registered for the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for...

Carbon Footprint
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CARBON FOOTPRINT- The carbon footprint fixation is getting out of hand

Let’s refresh some childhood memories. Remember the last page of Classmate and Sundaram notebooks that came along with some quirky facts, interesting trivia and a footnote saying—“You saved a tree by using recy...