Green Hushing

What Is Green Hushing? The New Negative Sustainability Trend, Explained

Have you heard of green hushing? It’s a relatively new sustainability trend that’s gained in popularity recently. Green hushing refers to the practice of misinforming consumers and masking the real environmenta...

sustainable finance and sustainable environment with trees | Climeto Sustainable services

New ISO Standard for Sustainable Finance Launched

The British Standards Institute has introduced a Sustainable Finance Standard to clarify the principles of sustainable finance in the market. This standard aims to make it easier for stakeholders to understand ...

A circular economy | Eliminate Waste

A Comprehensive Guide to the Circular Economy

Introduction: Want to understand what a circular economy is? Check out our comprehensive guide! We simplify the concept and explain its implications for businesses and society. A circular economy is a sustainab...

Implementing Plastic policy in Europe | Plastic waste | Recycling Bottles

The Complete Guide to Implementing PLASTICS POLICY in Europe

Curious about the plastic policy in Europe? Look no further than this comprehensive guide, providing everything you need to know about implementing PLASTICS POLICY. Plastic pollution has become a global environ...

Storing Data in digital format

What is the Carbon Footprint of Data Storage?

A comprehensive look at the carbon footprint of data storage and how businesses can limit their environmental impact by optimizing their systems. Get the facts here! We all know that data storage solutions have...

Difference between Net Zero and Carbon Netural

Understanding the Difference between Carbon Neutral and Net Zero?

Learn the difference between carbon neutral and net zero and why it matters for our environment. Get an easy-to-understand explanation of these two sustainability concepts now! Is carbon neutral and net zero th...

Greenery which suggest net zero carbon emission in the atmosphere

Exploring what is Net Zero Climate Change

Looking for answers about what net zero climate change means? Discover how businesses and governments can work together to tackle climate change and achieve sustainability goals. Net Zero climate change is a gl...

Biodegeradable packaging in India | Plastic Bottles

Biodegradable Packaging – Tackling Plastic Pollution in India

Want to reduce plastic waste in India? Learn about the power of using biodegradable packaging and its potential to address plastic pollution. India is facing a growing issue of plastic pollution and the potenti...

approval of Carbon Credit | carbon dioxide

India has recently announced the approval of 13 activities which would qualify for carbon credits

India has recently created trading guidelines for carbon credits. These guidelines include 13 activities that fall under three categories, allowing their emission of carbon to be monitored and traded on the glo...

Windmill at countryside

Exploring the Definition of Windmills. Its Types & How To Make & Use of it

Windmills have been around for centuries and are still used in many parts of the world today! Find out more about their definition, different types, making them, uses and components with this guide. Windmill ha...