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Green Credit Program

We help businesses create, execute and measure their Green Credit strategy.

Empower Your Environmental Impact: Explore the World of GREEN CREDITS!

In today’s world, environmental awareness is crucial. Initiatives like Green Credits offer hope amidst climate challenges, encouraging proactive environmental care.

Green Credits symbolize tangible rewards for environmental actions. Whether through tree planting, renewable energy, waste management, or water conservation, they represent a commitment to sustainability.

As we embark on the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future, the importance of initiatives like the Green Credit Programme cannot be overstated. By encouraging environmental action and rewarding positive contributions, Green Credits empower individuals, organizations, and communities to make a real difference in the fight against climate change and environmental harm. Together, let us embrace the power of Green Credits and pave the way for a brighter, more environmentally-resilient tomorrow.

Green Credit Project Types:

Agriculture and Forestry

• Agroforestry Projects
• Sustainable Farming Practices
• Reforestation Initiatives
• Soil Carbon Sequestration

Renewable Energy

• Solar Panel Installations
• Wind Turbine Projects
• Hydroelectric Power Generation
• Biomass Energy Production

Energy Efficiency

• Building Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency
• Energy-Efficient Appliance Programs
• Industrial Process Optimization
• Smart Grid Implementation

Waste Management and Recycling

• Recycling Programs for Plastics, Paper, and Metals
• Composting Initiatives
• Waste-to-Energy Projects


At Climeto, our foremost focus is on delivering quality and reliability. Every project we undertake is made possible through the invaluable support of our clients, making them all supplementary endeavors. We guarantee that each project adheres to rigorous standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard, the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard, or the Gold Standard, ensuring the utmost integrity and environmental impact.




What is the Green Credit Programme (GCP)?

The Green Credit Programme (GCP) is a government initiative designed to incentivize environmental conservation efforts, particularly through tree plantation initiatives. It awards Green Credits to entities that undertake voluntary environmental measures, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Who is encouraged to participate in the Green Credit Programme?

The Green Credit Programme welcomes participation from a wide range of stakeholders, including industries, companies, government institutions, public sector undertakings, non-government organizations, philanthropists, and individuals. Essentially, anyone committed to environmental stewardship can participate in the programme.

How are Green Credits (GCs) awarded to entities participating in the Green Credit Programme?

Green Credits are awarded based on the environmental actions undertaken by participating entities, particularly in tree plantation initiatives. Entities receive Green Credits for each tree planted, with the number of credits determined by the total number of trees planted and verified through the programme's guidelines and procedures.

What are the advantages of Green Credits to the entities?

Green Credits provide numerous benefits to participating entities. They offer tangible recognition for environmental efforts, highlighting a commitment to sustainability. Additionally, Green Credits can be used for compliance, such as compensatory afforestation. They also enhance an entity's CSR profile and contribute to ESG leadership. Overall, Green Credits showcase environmental leadership and support positive change.
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