Become carbon neutral

Reach net zero emissions


Carbon neutrality means that you have reduced your climate impact to net zero.

As it is almost impossible to avoid the creation of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions entirely, you will need to balance these unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets.

Step 1: Measure
All the relevant activities of your business get taken into account; travel, events, consumables, fleet, electricity, freight.

You can self-assess your emissions using our online calculator. If your footprint is more complex, for example includes freight, industrial refrigeration, you may prefer to employ the services of a carbon consultant as some of the steps involved can be quite technical

Step 2: Reduce
Based on your footprint, you can reduce your emissions by making suitable changes, such as switching to renewable energy, converting to LED lights or switching to a carbon neutral courier.

Step 3: Offset
You may choose to offset the entire business or only a section, for example, your head office, an event or your fleet vehicles.

The total tonnes of GHG emissions are then compensated for by purchasing carbon offsets so that the net emissions of your business activities are zero.

Next step
Measure your footprint now, or contact us for a carbon footprint measure and report quote.