Carbon Credit Advisory

Building your empire while building a sustainable future.

Cliemeto has been offering carbon advisory services since 2022. The carbon advisory space has gone through many cycles of change, from project based GHG emission reduction, to program based initiatives driven largely by private sector, to current national & sub-national and sectoral efforts. We have seen all the cycles of change.​

We help organizations secure distinct business advantage in Carbon Markets. Our aim is to support you in identifying opportunities, simplifying complexities and deriving benefits from global carbon markets. We have in-depth expertise, comprehensive experience and an established network in these markets.

Our services include:

  • Identification of GHG emission reduction opportunities
  • Develop carbon mitigation projects and third party validation
  • Manage carbon offset portfolio to optimize value

We have successfully developed carbon mitigation projects and programs under CDM, VCS, Gold Standard, Social Carbon, CCBA, WCD among others and have managed sale of millions of carbon credits over the past decade.

Quality and Reliability

The quality of our services and projects is of utmost importance to us. We guarantee that all of our projects are 100% additional, i.e. they can only be realized thanks to the support of our clients. All projects offered by First Climate are certified against high quality standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard, the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard, or the Gold Standard.

Carbon Trading Project Types:

  • Chemical Industry

    Biofuel, Biodiesel, N2O/NOx abatement projects, Landfill gas projects

  • Energy demand

    Energy Efficiency, Cookstove project

  • Energy

    Includes renewable/non-renewable sources like Solar, Wind, Hydro

  • Manufacturing Industries

    Fuel Switch Projects, (e.g. FO to NG), Waste Heat Recovery

  • Transport & Logistics

    Use of EV, HFCV

  • Waste handling and disposal

    Methane capture projects, Waste to Energy