Plastic Credits

We help businesses create, execute and measure their plastic credit strategy.

That plastics, particularly single-use plastics, are harmful to the global environment is well-known. But weaning away from plastic usage at an industrial scale is challenging. No matter where you are in your plastic management journey, we're here to help you achieve the best possible results.

Usage of plastics was long seen as a necessary evil. Plastic is inexpensive, ubiquitous, and notoriously harmful to the planet. In recent times, many initiatives at global, national and local level have taken place to address the situation. From individuals to large organisations to nations, every participant in the ecosystem has a role to play.

Getting a handle on your plastic usage is not easy. But with our expertise and experience, we help you take the challenge head on. We help you understand where you are in your plastic usage journey, advise you on best practices and work out solutions that can help you benefit greatly from both a plastic usage policy as well as offsetting plastic usage with plastic credits.

Our services

  • 2-1-1

    Plastic Strategy and Policy

    We work with you and your ecosystem to better understand plastic consumption all along your supply chain as well as your last mile customer – and recommend solutions and define a policy that can drastically reduce your consumption.

  • 2-1

    Plastic Credits

    Recent development has seen an emergence of a formal plastic credits market. We help you tackle this space and ensure that you get the best benefit out of plastics trading and earning or expending plastic credit.

What are Plastic Credits?

This credits are measurable, verifiable, and transferable units representing a specific quantity of plastic that has been collected from the environment, or recycled. Climeto sees plastic credits as an opportunity for companies to invest in regional collection and recycling infrastructure. Thereby plastic credits can help companies take responsibility in creating the conditions of a circular economy, beyond existing reduction and redesign efforts. We believe plastic credits should work alongside, or enhance, Extended Producer Responsibility regulation.

Why purchase Plastic Credits?

Regional waste management infrastructure lacks the capacity to capture and recycle all the plastic waste we generate. We all currently rely on regional governments to manage our waste, without any alignment to the companies who design the products and packaging that become waste. Extended Producer Responsibility legislation offers a local and mandatory solution. Plastic credits on the other hand offer an additional or integrated voluntary and internationally standardized solution.

Companies can address their plastic footprints by buying plastic credits from certified activities that enable the regional scale-up of collection and recycling infrastructure, while supporting community development.

Net Zero Plastic to Nature

After implementing upstream solutions, businesses can use plastic credits to address their residual footprint. To achieve net zero plastic leakage, companies need to:

  • Measure their plastic footprint to identify how much of the plastic they use & produce is leaking into the environment, and where.
  • Retire an equivalent amount of plastic waste collection credits to the value of plastic leaked into the environment for the corresponding time period, region and polymer type.

Net 100% recycled at end-of-life

Once a company has addressed the plastic leakage from their footprint, they can invest in regional recycling infrastructure by ensuring that an equivalent weight of the plastic they put into the market is recycled. A company can achieve net 100% recycled at end-of-life by:

  1. Achieve net zero plastic leakage
  2. Identify how much of the plastic they produce is not recycled
  3. Purchase recycling credits in the relevant region and for the relevant polymer type. The credits should cover the volume not recycled by existing infrastructure

Why us

Integrity: we will be happy to provide you references that can vouch for our integrity and transparency.

Small size, huge impact: unlike the big four consulting companies, Climeto is manned by a handful of experts who give focus and energy to any engagement they are working on.

Flexible approach: no matter where you are in your sustainability journey, we have the expertise and experience to contribute positively to your outcomes. Our size and approach enable us to deliver insights and strategies that are just right for your business.

Focused on you: when you work with large-sized consulting companies, you worry about how you fit in them. But at Climeto , we work to ensure that we are the right fit for you, irrespective of your size.

On-field experience: all of our consultants and experts have boots-on-the-ground experience in managing field projects at various scales and around the globe. Be it carbon trading or civil engineering tasks, our consultants have been there – that makes us best suited to offer you insights and strategic inputs.