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Green Credit


Green CR (Green Credits) are rewards given to entities for eco-friendly actions like tree planting and renewable energy projects. They recognize environmental efforts, aid in meeting regulations, and boost CSR and ESG leadership.
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Carbon Credit


As carbon trading specialists, we assist in earning carbon credits through emissions reduction projects. These credits signify greenhouse gas reductions, directly or indirectly, typically measured in CO2 reductions, helping combat climate change and environmental impact.
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Plastic Credit


Plastic credits are tradable units signifying the collection or recycling of specific plastic quantities. We support your plastic management goals with measurable, verifiable, and transferable solutions, ensuring optimal results at any stage of your journey.
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EPR Consultancy


The Extended Responsibility (EPR) Producer is an environmental policy, which holds Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners accountable for the introduction of plastic into the environment or any resulting pollution caused by plastic.
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Adhithyan PackersAdhithyan Packers
12:02 15 May 24
Good co-ordination and response from climeto.
AS Polywood IndustriesAS Polywood Industries
07:05 26 Feb 24
Service delivered as per commitment. Highly recommend their company.
AS Polywood IndustriesAS Polywood Industries
11:30 19 Feb 24
Dhruv JiDhruv Ji
11:25 21 Jan 24
Staff is very active and sincere. we coordinate with staff members, they all are good coordinator.
shri balaji tradersshri balaji traders
07:37 06 Jan 24
Ayush MaheshwariAyush Maheshwari
12:08 04 Jan 24
One stop solution for all problems regarding pollution/epr.I am very satisfied with the prompt service & solution being provided.
Very good service
Basalingappa ShahapurBasalingappa Shahapur
11:18 06 Dec 23
Hi TeamWe are grateful to Climeto Sustainability Services Pvt. Ltd. for providing services on our behalf; Deepak has done an excellent job, and his assistance has been invaluable.Thanks and RegardsBasalingappa ShahapurWakefit Innovations Private Limited
Roshan vermaRoshan verma
11:02 11 Sep 23
Staff is very decent & sincere,We coordinate with deepak sir,he is a good cordinator
Vishal ParmarVishal Parmar
08:56 22 Aug 23
I have worked as a digital marketing intern at climeto. I liked the work culture of climeto and supporting nature of my other colleagues.
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